Hey, I'm William.

I love making web apps, attending hackathons, and curating my music collection. I'm most known for my work on the Lifeboat Network for Minecraft PE, co-founding it and bringing it to over ten million registered players. For more information about my professional work, see my resumé. If you scroll down, I've picked out some of my favorite projects for you to check out. Thanks for stopping by!

Work History

  • Hydreon Corporation
    Co-created the first competitive mobile community game server network. Spanned 300 physical machines in two datacenters, serving over ten million players and forty-seven thousand concurrently. Maintained the game server software, custom plugins, database and API endpoints, and custom loadbalancer. Used Route 53, Docker, Ansible, and PHP.
  • Bloomington Public Schools
    Designed and developed a new mobile app for students and parents. Displayed upcoming events, lunch menus, and staff directories. During the second trimester, created a scheduling application for students’ flexible time. Allowed students to select a place to go when not selected by a teacher, and describe what they were going to do.
  • StudentRND
    Student volunteer, helping to organize and improve CodeDay, a national event to get middle school through college aged students interested in coding.


  • FTC Robotics
    Lead programmer for Team #6369 Designosaurs for six years. Wrote advanced computer vision algorithms to solve game challenges, and integrated sensor fusion systems for our autonomous period. During the 2016 season, I helped organize the team, managing expenses, organizing food for sessions when we went over dinner, and maintaining the space.
  • CodeDay
    Attended seven events, organized one. Led six teams and said teams have won five awards. See some of our best projects in the gallery below.


  • Senior Year in High School
    Attending Normandale Community College through Minnesota's PSEO program, for concurrent HS and College enrollment. Studying Computer Science, Calculus and Humanities courses.