Ice Wars

Live Site A multiplayer card game and ecosystem.


This was a long-running project with a variety of development challenges involved. I wrote the bulk of the code for the game server, client, and out-of-game UI. For example, the game server has enough knowledge of all of the cards to extrapolate all valid moves for either player at any point in the game. It uses this for its AI-based opponent, which allows players to practice or play when there aren't friends or others online. With a clustering system, this AI can play against itself at scale, creating a bracket that seeks to find the best and worst card decks. These statistics help ensure the game is balanced and fun to play.

Go ahead and give the game a try at the link above! Thus far we're 200 users strong, and I hope to reach many more. As a browser-based game, getting into a game with someone is much easier and quicker than most PC and console counterparts. I hope to leverage this advantage to get the game off the ground.

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